Fanmade Silent Hill tourist info brochure

Printable Silent Hill 3 Borley Haunted Mansion calendars

I made a re-creation of the Borley Haunted Mansion poster seen in the Lakeside Amusement Park souvenir shop, but as a one-page, full-year calendar.

Here is the calendar in the game:

Full size, printable 2014 and 2015 images (both clean and grungey) can be found here:

Silent Hills P.T. Walkthrough and Story

I made a walkthrough and added some minor story analysis. Spoilers, of course.


Silent Hills P.T. playable teaser PS4 screencaps

I uploaded 68 screencaps from the P.T. (more coming soon) here:

New Silent Hill playable teaser


A playable teaser demo of a new Silent Hill game was announced earlier today at Gamescom. It will be made by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. The teaser, at least, stars Norman Reedus, but I’m not sure if he’s the main character or not, since the trailer also says the demo has nothing to do with the main game.

I have uploaded some screencaps here:

Alchemilla Radio Silent Hill Podcast #33

Description: giveaways, SH Origins and SH Shattered Memories PSP versions, new SH Downpour comic by Tom Waltz, Hideo Kojima, screencaps, SH The Arcade.

SH0/SHSM and the vita…

I figured out why some people were talking about being able to play SH0/SHSM on their Vita (not sure if it works outside US). If you download the games to your PS3 via PSN, you can then turn on your Vita, go to Content Manager, and copy them to your Vita and play them. Apparently there was also a 72 hour window when you could download anything to your Vita, but I was not aware of that when it happened.


^Konami retracting their statement that they would be available for Vita after announcing them for Vita.


^Me installing both games on my Vita after the “noncompatible” announcement was made.

ETA: Does NOT work on European Vitas, apparently.

Win Silent Hill playing cards!

Facebook page giveaway. Full details and entry for at:

Are Silent Hill 0rigins and Shattered Memories coming to Vita, or not?

A week or two ago, the blog reported that Shattered Memories and SH 0rigins would be coming to the PS Vita via PSN.

Since then, they have changed the name of their article to remove the word “Vita,” and to just say they’re going to be on PSN. Here are both the links:

The original link said they were coming to Vita right there in the URL.

The new link says they’re coming to PSN, but they were already there.

The Vita one now redirects to the PSN one. I know that different regions sometimes have different things, and I’m in the US, but I can tell you for sure that both have been on PSN here for years. In fact, I temporarily misplaced my physical copy of Origins a while back and bought it again on PSN in 2012 (see below). I recall SHSM being on there a while back, too, but I didn’t lose my disc of that one so I didn’t buy it.

Notice the date of purchase in the above cap from my PS3.

If you search for either of them on PSN, they are both only listed for PSP.



I’m still downloading a psvita system update right now, but others have reported that they get the same thing on there: they aren’t available for Vita, after all. I will check again on my Vita later, but it looks to me like the news may have been a mistake, and they are not really coming to Vita after all.

ETA: They cannot be downloaded to Vita.


Silent Hill Nurse poster giveaway

One entry per person, must like page on Facebook, contest ends on 11:59 PM EST on Apr 30, winner will be notified the next day via email. Must respond to email with mailing address within 1 week or new winner will be chosen. Open worldwide. 25x14” cloth poster.

Details and entry form here: